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News from Frankenberg: Corona ensures this long weekend from 21 – 24 May will be very different!!I

In Germany Ascension Day is a bank holiday and, traditionally, also Father’s Day. This is celebrated by men, whether they are fathers or not! And it is not so much of a family celebration, but rather a day on which the men are free to get away from home – on their own! It is customary that groups of them go out for hikes taking some wagons or carts with them. While this might sound like a wholesome and healthy pastime, it is not really, as the wagons are loaded with beer, wine and food to 'sustain' the men on their hike. The beer and wine supplies are expected to be fully depleted before the hike is over!

However, in 2020 this is all very different!

This cable car in Willingen is a favourite Father’s Day destination for celebrating Dads from the Frankenberg and Waldeck region. However, this year, waggons, carts, beer, and wine will not be transported by the cable car. And while some of the hostelries have re-opened, social distancing does not really lend itself to boozy celebrations. Maybe this year Father’s Day will be more of a family event – even in Germany!

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